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You might remember Silver from the first Project Superstar. This multi-talented entertainer has appeared on shows for almost all the Singaporean TV channels since then. She can sing, she can act, she’s a TV host. Heck, she can probably even fix the kitchen sink! 

You joined Project Superstar almost 10 years ago. How has this competition affected what you are doing now?

I got my dream job! I've always wanted to be an actress growing up, and here I am living my dreams. So very grateful for how things turned out.

You are currently acting the role of Gina in <Tanglin>. Is it tough being an actress?

Not if I enjoy what I do. Every job has its own good and tough parts. N tough is good, it helps us grow. 

We heard that you are a part-time singer as well. Where will we find you singing?

Wednesday nights at NTU Alumni House at Marina Square;Friday nights at Our Simple Goodness at Suntec City tower 1You might catch me at other venues if you're lucky!

In your other job as a real estate agent, do people recognise you from <Tanglin> when you show up to view a property?

Haha yes and they call me Gina. Coincidentally my character is also a property agent! And because many of the viewers have been following Tanglin for years, they always tell me they feel they've known me for a long time. =) 

Finish this sentence: I like a good…

MENTAL STIMULATION! You know how when something gets you excited? I love that!

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