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Hi Laura! Great having you here. Tell us -- how did you first get into modeling?
I actually never thought about modeling. I followed my friend to a photoshoot one day and the photographer asked me if I wanted to take a few pics. After getting in front of the camera, I rather enjoyed myself and everything just took off from there. I posted a few pics from that shoot and before I knew it, I started getting more offers.

Any interesting modeling experience to share with us?
I’ve been modeling for 10 years now and there have been many ups and downs. I think my best experience as a model has to be the opportunity to work with world-renowned Hollywood designer Adam Saaks, who is famous for his ‘shredding’ skills. I also got to work as Miss Eaglerider at the Long Beach Grand Prix in Los Angeles which was a wonderful experience as well. The opportunity to travel while working to countries such as Australia, Singapore & Thailand have been a great part of modeling.

Any weird fans?
Yes, quite a few. I have a strange fan who sends me a new poem every single day which is rather funny but a bit creepy at the same time 😂😅

You own some businesses. Tell us more about them.
Yes i do. I'm the CEO of Urban Niche Swimwear since 2014. We specialise in swimwear, crochet & chainlink tops, bodysuits, gymwear and just started a sunglasses brand called Urban Eyewear this year. I’ve been very blessed to have so many dear friends who are models & photographers who have helped me with this business. I'm truly grateful for each and every one of them 🤗❤

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