Audrey Tan Cassia Bintan Photoshoot

Audrey is a true entrepreneur – she is the owner of Churro101 Singapore, and the co-owner of StudioPetiteSG and Mulberry Learning Centre! She’s been featured in magazines, and acted in several local drama serials as well. On top of all that, she is also a mummy of 2 beautiful girls.

TMM recently had its first overseas photoshoot with her at the scenic beachside resort Cassia Bintan, and we are excited to share our experience with our readers!

We totally enjoyed doing the photoshoot with you in Bintan. How was your experience like?

It was an incredible experience! A big thank you to our photographer, Larry, for being super patient and helping us to capture all our memorable moments in Bintan.

Tell us a memorable moment that you’ve had in Cassia Bintan.

I think the part I loved the most was swimming with my husband and daughter on our final night at sunset. My daughter was sooo happy!

Thanks Audrey! We enjoyed shooting with you and your family as well! We love the video you've done for the trip too!!



Wow! You own 3 businesses! How do you do it?

I try to delegate as much as I can and sleep less. Haha!

Finish this sentence: I have a fantastic…


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